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About Us

We are a global learning ecosystem of weavers who are advancing the practice and profession of weaving thriving learning ecosystems. We envision a world in which every neighbourhood, network and organisation is woven into a thriving learning ecosystem where everyone is living for universal wellbeing (of self, society and nature).

Why Join?

  • Connect and collaborate with people like you leading ecosystemic change for a better world. Our North Star is universal wellbeing: of self; of society and of nature. Interdependent and interwoven. 
  • This platform is structured to help you navigate nuanced, threaded topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers (the stuff you can’t Google). 
  • Together we can become better weavers, accelerate our ecosystemic impact and increase our capacity for change for good. 
  • Swap stories, opportunities and learning experiences around our shared mission.
  • Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspectives. Experience exclusive learning content and conversations. Access weaving insights, research and toolkits.
  • Capture knowledge to build and spread wise practice.
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